During the last 5 years, I have been developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. Here are some of the apps I have developed. You can check my Github for more projects I have worked on.

  1. Beelinkme Beetrack September 2013 - Ongoing

    App that permits a real-time tracking of dispatches as they are being delivered. Features GPS tracking, offline-mode, single and multiple-choice questions, pictures and signatures. In-house development.

  2. mcxNow November 2013

    mcxNow provides tickers for the Bitcoin exchange rates at mcxnow.com. Features custom notification layouts. Play Store

  3. Ultramar TruckID August 2012 - Ongoing

    TruckID permits real-time truck inspections on terrain. Focused on mining safety enforcement. Features GPS location, offline-mode, single choice questions, pictures and signatures. In-house development.

  4. Bencina Chile June 2012 - July 2012

    App that shows the nearest gas stations from you. Color coded to mark which ones are more expensive Features GPS location. Developed for iOS and Android. Play Store | iTunes Store

  5. Suika La Tercera 2010
    La Tercera is a big news company in Chile. The app fed from the RSS feeds to get the news and display them on the phone.
  6. Suika Meteomar 2010
    App that scraped the information website of the ports statuses across Chile. iTunes Store
  7. iAnnounce 2010
    iAnnounce permits the user display big text signs using the iPhone/iPad on landscape mode. Has been used to display airplane passenger names in airports, in concerts and to send messages between cars in highways. iTunes Store